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Welcome to EmpoweredX

We are Colorado’s premier transformation studio. We provide our members with a complete approach to their physical and mental health. Through high intensity exercise, personalized nutrition coaching, and mind-set coaching, we help our members take complete control of their life

What We Do

Fitness Class

High Intensity Group Exercise

Our high intensity exercise classes are geared to help you crush your goals. Our classes are 45 minutes long. With a combination of weight training and cardio, our members are able to leave feeling stronger than ever. By the time you are done with us, you will be surprised at what your body is capable of.

Lilly Ismail Exercising and doing bicep curls

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Everybody is different so every plan should be too. We will create a nutrition plan based on you and your lifestyle and meet with you BI-WEEKLY to ensure that you are on track for your goals. By the time you are done with us, you will establish a healthy and sustainable relationship with food that will allow you to feel healthy for life.


Mindset/Lifestyle Coaching

Improving your health is more than just transforming your body. It is also about transforming your mind. Lilly is a certified therapist, and you will work with her bi-weekly to eliminate self-doubt, build confidence, and overcome all of your obstacles. By the time you are done with us, you will have a new and refreshing outlook on yourself and the world.

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